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Hi there,

I am a paid user for Kutools for Excel and while using your application I realize a bug in your application feature (Select Same & Different Cells). Its not selecting all rows unique values. Please check attached spreadsheet to see the example. In attached sample workbook there are 2 sheets, Sheet 1 has more data then Sheet 2 and when I select entire Sheet 1 and run SAME & DIFFERENT CELLS feature in your application to get different CELLS values highlighted by comparing it with Sheet 2, your application is skipping so many rows even though the duplicate data is available in sheet 2. 
Rows Which your application skipped = 6 , 7 , 8, 9, 15, 16, 17 and so on... These Rows Duplicate data is available in Sheet 2 but your application is not picking it up to show different cells values.
When I run the feature to find different values on mass data it skipped so many rows but when I individually select those skipped rows and rerun the feature it finds the values then which is wrong.
3 years ago
Can you please try to create some sample data in a new workbook to demonstrate the issue?
If the issue can be replicated with the sample workbook, please contact us with it.
Please contact .
Thanks in advance.
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