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  Thursday, 18 January 2018
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Hi ,

I have two sheets(Sheet1 & Sheet2), Sheet1 has all the formulas and displaying the results in the form of count. Most of the formulas I am using is SUM(COUNGIF,FILTER,...) as given below. I have a requirement that if I click on any of the count then it should take me to the Sheet2 and should display only the count which I clicked on. If I click on 5 then it should take me to Sheet2 and should display only 5 records which satisfies the below filter condition.

The formula I am using is =SUM(COUNTIFS(Sheet2!$U:$U,{"<>Conversion"},Sheet2!$E:$E,{"Approved"},Sheet2!$F:$F,{"Y - Initial PRICEFW"}, Sheet2!$Y:$Y,{"Capgemini"},Sheet2!$G:$G,{"2 - FSD In-Progress";"7 - FSD Passed Back or FSD Rejected"}))

Can you please help me to resolve my issue.

Thanks ,
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