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If I enter a number into a cell eg 4567.
Then try to find it using super find, 4567 is found regardless of whether the "Type" I'm searching for is "Text" or "Values".
If 4567 is formatted as comma 4,567.00 then neither "Type" or "Values" search will find it - but it will be found if I search for 4,567.
By the way, if I have typed "frog" in a cell, both "Text" and " Values" search will find it!

My questions are:
What is the difference between text & values search?
I would have expected text search to only find text and values search to only find values (regardless of how they are formatted).
If I have 4567 in a cell formatted as comma, then I would expect a "Values" search to find it if I search for 4567.
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